New Summary Page Displays At-A-Glance Form Information

Last night we updated FormAssembly to include a Summary tab for each form. The Summary tab provides at-a-glance information for each form in your My Forms list, with links to more detailed options in the other tabs.
Summary Page
The Summary tab appears when you exit the Form Builder and displays the vital aspects of your form’s behavior. You’ll see the status of email notifications and connectors, “thank you” message settings, and your form’s public URL. Direct links to the tabs enable you to quickly edit these settings.

Automatic Email Notifications

We’ve received many requests that email notifications be turned on automatically, so any forms you create from now on will have email notifications enabled by default. These notification emails will go to the email address with which you registered your account; if you need them to go somewhere else, simply open the Notifications tab and change the address.
This new setting will not overwrite settings for existing forms. If you’ve previously set the notification options for forms, rest assured these will not be changed.
We hope this new feature increases your productivity and enjoyment of FormAssembly. We welcome your comments here or via Twitter, and if you have suggestions for features you’d like to see, let us know over at our UserVoice forum.

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