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You rely on FormAssembly forms to collect and transfer data, which means you deserve prompt, convenient updates on our solution’s status.
To better meet this need, we’ve released a new solution that allows customers to check status and delivers real-time status notifications to customers that subscribe to them. You can find it (and subscribe) at:
Navigate to the new status page to get information about ongoing and past outages and downtime, as well as upcoming planned maintenance. Be sure to subscribe if you want receive real-time notifications of outages and advance reminders of planned maintenance via a convenient medium like email or text.

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In addition to current status of our service and information about past outages, you can view both a general status message and a more detailed view (including categories like FormAssembly App and FormAssembly Enterprise to show status for different FormAssembly plans).

View a general status
See a status breakdown
See past events

With these status page changes, you’ll be able to stay in-the-know about FormAssembly in a way that’s easiest for you, be prepared for upcoming maintenance, and understand what’s happening when there’s an unplanned outage.
If you currently follow our Twitter account for status updates, you’ll be happy to know this system is integrated with Twitter and will deliver automated status updates as needed.
Check out the page and subscribe for notifications today!

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