New Series: Why You Should Choose FormAssembly to Replace Salesforce Stay-in-Touch

As you might be aware, Salesforce is planning to retire their Stay-in-Touch Request feature in the summer of 2017. According to Salesforce, the feature is being retired in an effort to put more work into “other user productivity experiences to improve the overall user experience.”
Stay-in-Touch has been useful for organizations that needed a way to quickly contact their customers or members and be in charge of their contact information by pre-filling existing information into standard fields for the recipient to approve or update. If you’re using this feature currently, and not prepared with a replacement, you might be left scrambling to find a way to reach your audience and keep your records up-to-date.
But there’s no reason to wait until summer to switch over to using FormAssembly instead of Salesforce Stay-in-Touch. If you’re not already using FormAssembly with or in place of the Stay-in-Touch tool, consider this: Instead of just pre-filling data on contact information, what if you could pre-fill data from any Salesforce record type? This opens up the possibility for staying in touch at many different levels, outside of the conventional and basic contact record information.
To help you get ready for your transition, we’ll be creating posts on why you should use FormAssembly as your Salesforce Stay-in-Touch replacement and delivering tips on how to start using FormAssembly to make your transition that much smoother.
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Why Choose FormAssembly as Your Stay-in-Touch Alternative?

Using our bi-directional Salesforce integration, you don’t need Salesforce’s Stay-in-Touch to keep up with the accuracy of your audience’s data. With a form link, you can pre-fill forms with user information using merge fields similar to the ones available in Stay-in-Touch — but with much less setup.
A single Salesforce merge field appended to the FormAssembly form link triggers the FormAssembly Salesforce Pre-fill connector, allowing you to pre-fill more information into your client engagements. This allows users to update that data, which then updates their Salesforce information, whether that’s simple contact information or a combination of multiple data points existing as custom and standard objects in Salesforce.
Once Stay-in-Touch expires (or really, any time you like), all you’ll need to do is find another email system to serve your pre-filled FormAssembly forms and you can update more data than with the original Stay-in-Touch functionality.
If you already use FormAssembly, this is a great method to get even more out of your account. If you don’t have a FormAssembly account yet, kick up your Salesforce functionality by signing up for a new account today!
Stay tuned for more posts in this series and If you have any questions along the way, remember that you can always reach out to us on Twitter or ask for help from our support team.

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