New Look for “My Forms” Tab

This week’s major update should be pretty apparent to everyone, but we’ll go over it here to help you get acquainted. As you’ll see when you sign in to your FormAssembly account, we’ve completely redesigned the “My Forms” tab (if you’ve explored it a little and would like to comment on it, check out the survey here) .
You’ll see a new toolbar at the top of the application when you’re in the “My Forms” tab. This green bar now contains buttons for quickly and easily creating new forms, new forms from Salesforce, and new Workflows. When you select a form, the form’s title also appears here.
Although the Modify, Copy, and Delete buttons haven’t moved far, we hope you’ll find them easier to see and utilize. With the new layout, these buttons are located in the same top toolbar as the “New Form” button.
We also made some changes to the way your list of forms appears. You’ll find that the font size has increased, making titles easier to read. Instead of the three icons that used to be at the end of each row, you’ll now see a blue button. Clicking on this button reveals a menu of the most commonly used options for your forms. Options for viewing, publishing, and editing your form are available, as well as configuring, copying, archiving and deleting. In addition, we’ve created a “Recently Edited Form” space, so the form you worked on most recently is available quickly and without searching.
We hope you’ll like these changes, but as always we would appreciate your comments. Since this change affects everyone, we’ve created a survey so you can more easily share your reactions with us. Feel free to explore the new interface for awhile, and when you feel ready, check out the survey here. We’ll also post a site-wide announcement about the survey in a few days, once more people have experienced the new look.

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