New Integration: Publish FormAssembly forms in a Drupal website


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We’re excited to announce a new integration with Drupal! Huge thanks to developer dags, who built the module with the FormAssembly API — and to the Assistive Technology Center and Zivtech, for sponsoring its development.
If you have a Drupal website, you can use the FormAssembly module to synchronize your FormAssembly forms to Drupal nodes. Once the module is authorized to use the API, your FormAssembly forms will appear as nodes on the Drupal site, where they can be tagged with taxonomy terms, published in Views, or utilized by other Drupal modules. Synchronization is taken care of automatically — no need to modify the form’s HTML by hand.
The module is still under active development — bug reports and feature requests are welcome! Download and install the FormAssembly Drupal module here.
Try it out, and let us know whatcha think! We welcome your feedback — drop us a line here, by email, or by tweet.

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