We’ve just posted three new tutorials to help you get acquainted with and use the Form Builder more effectively.

The Introduction tutorial is a basic overview of the Form Builder. This will be helpful if you are new to the Form Builder or need a refresher course. This tutorial covers the basic elements of the Form Builder (toolbar, preview pane, Outline, Properties panel and Advanced panel).

The Grid Layout tutorial describes how to effectively use the grid (table) layout in your forms. Grid layouts are especially helpful when you need to collect multiple pieces of related information. Questions are displayed in a single row. The tutorial also demonstrates how to create a repeatable section or question.

The Conditional and Calculated Questions shows how to create a question that only appears when users select a specific answer to a preceding question. Conditional questions can keep your form from being needlessly long and confusing by hiding questions that are irrelevant to certain respondents. This tutorial also shows how to create questions that calculate a numeric total; for instance, that calculate the cost of club membership.

We hope you find these tutorials helpful and that they make your experience at FormAssembly.com more enjoyable.  We would love to hear your feedback on these tutorials and any ideas you have about tutorials you’d like to see in the future.

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