New in the Form Builder: Menu Dependencies


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We’ve listened to your requests, and we’ve got some exciting updates to the Form Builder!

Note: If you’re on FormAssembly Enterprise, these updates will be rolling out next week!


Link drop-down menus for menu dependencies

You can link two drop-down menus so that the parent menu controls what’s shown in the child menu. Put another way, you can make one menu’s options dependent on another menu. This is useful if you’d like to change the choices within the same drop-down menu, rather than adding a new menu through conditional logic.
In the example below, Continent is the parent and Country is the child. If North America is selected in the parent menu, the child menu will show countries in North America:

You can set multiple dependencies. For instance, you’ll see that Country is the parent of City.
Check out the Knowledge Base for a step-by-step walkthrough.

We’ve also rolled out a few improvements:

  • Limit the number of repeatable fields & sections
    You can specify how many times a field or section can be repeated. Once you enable the repeatable option, you’ll see a space to enter the number.
  • Improved sorting for multiple choice options
    When you edit the list of choices in a multiple-choice field, you can automatically sort the choices in ascending or descending alphanumerical order (A to Z, or Z to A).
  • Delete all options in a multiple choice field
    There’s now a handy “Delete All” feature to delete everything in a multiple choice field, if you need it! Just click, confirm, and you’re ready to start fresh.

Questions or feedback?

Send the details to [email protected], comment here, or tweet @FormAssembly! You’re also welcome to suggest new features for our next update.

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