New! Apply Branding to All Form Processing Steps

Late last week we enabled a feature that allows Professional plan subscribers to apply their company’s branding–from logos, to headers, to footers, to custom CSS and javascript–to all FormAssembly forms and processing pages. Processing pages include the submission review page, the save and resume pages, and thank you page.
If you’re a Professional plan user, you’ll find the Branding feature in the “My Accounts” tab. Click the “Define a header and footer for your forms” link to open the Branding editor.
Account Info
Once there, you’ll see three tabs, labeled “Page Header,” “Page Footer,” and “HTML <HEAD>.” By default, the “Inherit default header” box is checked. The default header is blank.
Branding Inherit
If you want to add custom header, footer, or both, uncheck the box. A textarea will appear, where you can add your company’s logo, navigation options, links, legal terms and conditions, or contact information. You can style these as much as you like, and even copy existing HTML to ensure that your forms fit seamlessly within the rest of your website.
Branding Custom
The HTML <HEAD> section does not actually change the appearance of your form directly. However, here you can load custom CSS and javascript, as well as add any metatags you would like to include on all your forms. Anything you add to the HTML <HEAD> must be valid HTML.
The header, footer, and <HEAD> section will be applied to all your forms, so you only have to set it up once.

Special Notes

Depending on how you intend to publish your forms, there are a few special conditions. First, if you publish your forms using the REST API, branding will not be applied. Secondly, if you plan to copy and paste the FormAssembly HTML into your own page, branding information will only be included if you copy the “full HTML” version. The “snippet” version will not include branding settings.
Since this is a new feature, we’d love to hear your comments and thoughts about it. Leave them here, in the UserVoice forum, or contact us via Twitter. If you need further specific advice or help with this, please open a support request.

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