New API for FormAssembly


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Screenshot of API

We’re excited to announce that developers, FormAssembly customers, and FormAssembly Partners can now interact with FormAssembly through our new API! Check out our Developers hub, where you can find out how to get started and see code samples in Python, PHP, and Curl.
Our API allows you to write applications which interact with FormAssembly Professional and Enterprise accounts. For example, you can use our API to automate exporting data.
Here’s what you can do with the API:

  • Query the list of forms under a particular account.
  • Query the responses submitted for each form.
  • Export responses and forms under multiple formats: json, xml, html.

Note: The existing REST Publishing API remains unchanged.
We’ll continue to extend the new API as we go! What’s next on our road map? Connector configuration and provisioning, which means you’ll be able to push new data to accounts — so, for example, you can outfit an account with new templates, themes, and predefined elements.
We welcome your feedback. Email us, drop a comment here, or tweet @FormAssembly!

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