New: Allow Respondents to Modify Submitted Forms

We’ve just implemented a new feature that gives your forms even more flexibility. The “Reopen for Editing” feature allows respondents to modify and resubmit a previously-submitted response.

Reopening a Response for Editing

To reopen a response, select the response that needs to be edited from the list in the “My Responses” page. The “Reopen for editing” link will appear at the top of the response preview.
Reopen Response Context
Next, you’ll see an editable preview of the email that will be sent.
Reopen Response Message
If the respondent entered his or her email in the response, that email address will be prefilled. If the respondent did not enter an email address, or if you wish to change the address, you may do so. The subject can also be edited. The body of the message contains a link to the respondent’s form as well as an auto-generated password. Although you may add whatever text you would like to the email, do not delete or modify either of these two values. When you’ve finished editing the message, click the send button. Your message will be sent immediately. Note that the response will be moved to the “Incompletes” tab until the respondent submits it again.
When your respondent receives the email, he or she will click on the link and enter their email address and the password that you sent. They will then be able to see the most recent revision of the form, as well as any answers they had previously submitted. The respondent will be able to submit the form as usual.
As always, we hope you find this new feature useful. If you have any comments or suggestions, you can leave them below, let us know via Twitter, or use our contact form. If you have an idea for a great new feature, suggest it on our UserVoice forum.

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