New: Add page navigation to your form

Here's what the Navigation Bar looks like on your form.

Now, if you’ve got a form with multiple pages, you can add a Navigation Bar.

With the Navigation Bar

It’s easy for your respondents to see how many pages there are in the form. They’ll be able to switch between pages by clicking on the page number in the menu, so they can fill out the form in whatever order they like. Respondents won’t get any errors until they hit the submit button at the very end — and if there are errors, respondents will get taken to the earliest page with an error.

Without the Navigation Bar

Respondents will need to go through the pages one by one, since field validation happens on each page. For example, if they fill out a question incorrectly on page 2, they’ll get an error on page 2.
See a sample form with the Navigation Bar in action, and check out our documentation for more details! Soon, you’ll also be able to customize the Navigation Bar in the Theme Editor.
So, let us know what you think! Drop a comment here, tweet @FormAssembly, or email us.

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