New Account Preference Settings

If you’ve checked into your “My Account” section in the past week, you’ve probably noticed some changes there. In the first tab, called “Preferences”, you’ll see that you can let us know when (and if) you’d like to hear from us, and also decide if you’d like to use FormAssembly over an encrypted connection by default.
Communication Preferences
You have several options for receiving communication from FormAssembly. If you check the first checkbox, you’ll receive occasional emails about surveys to tell us how you use FormAssembly, what you like (and don’t like) about it, and what changes you’d like to see.
If you mark the second checkbox , you’ll receive very occasional newsletters as well as announcements about FormAssembly (including notification of any downtime and subsequent notification when we’re up and running again).
You can mark as many of these options as you like and you’ll automatically be subscribed or unsubscribed. We value your privacy and your time, so we’ll never share or sell your contact information with a third party. (See our privacy policy.)
Secure Browsing
The other option on this tab lets you choose to browse FormAssembly over a secured, encrypted connection. If your forms collect sensitive information that you intend to review while on FormAssembly, you may want to consider checking this box. Browsing with an encrypted connection will significantly lower the chances that someone else might be able see your information. However, browsing with an encrypted connection is considerably slower, so if you are not dealing with sensitive information, we recommend you do not check the box.
We hope you’ll take advantage of these new options and that they enhance your time on FormAssembly! As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts about these changes or anything else you’d like to see.

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