More Reasons to Replace Salesforce Stay-In-Touch With FormAssembly


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Last month, we announced, in light of Salesforce’s impending retirement of the Stay-in-Touch feature, that FormAssembly has you covered with capabilities that can replace your use of Salesforce’s Stay-In-Touch feature. (Not to mention that it’s also a better option than Salesforce Stay-In-Touch that you can switch to at any point; you don’t have to wait for Salesforce to retire Stay-In-Touch!) Today we’re going to talk more about the benefits of using FormAssembly, instead of just the email that’s used for Salesforce Stay-In-Touch.

Benefits of Using FormAssembly to Prefill Data

Why choose a Stay-in-Touch solution that’s just good enough when you could take advantage of FormAssembly’s near-limitless form building and configuration possibilities? Here are just a few examples of what FormAssembly makes it possible to do.

FormAssembly’s Drag-and-Drop Form Builder Allows You to Do So Much More Than a Simple Email Would

You’ll never be limited as far as what you can do in FormAssembly. Users love our broad, useful feature set that allows you to easily (drag-and-drop) create forms with multiple types of fields, including short and long text boxes, multiple types of lists, and radio buttons, and brand them almost any way you like.
With Salesforce Stay-In-Touch, you don’t have the option to change the look of the form that users see. The form that displays when users click through a Salesforce Stay-In-Touch email to update their information is bare bones, and you only have the option of displaying contact record fields.
With FormAssembly, you can customize forms to your heart’s content, using any standard or custom fields and objects (not just contact record fields), along with maintaining consistent branding. Repetition of your logo, brand colors and other visual imagery is one of the keys to building a strong brand that people remember and grow attached to.

FormAssembly Offers a Different and Better User Experience

With FormAssembly, your options for how your forms can look and act will open up considerably. Beyond just the standard, two column Salesforce form, you can construct and style your forms specifically to create a better experience for your form users. For instance, you can break a long form into multiple pages to make it more manageable or only include object fields you absolutely need to avoid overwhelming your contacts with an outrageous amount of fields to fill out.
Using FormAssembly to stay in touch also takes away the step of approving updated information and instead sends the information directly to where it needs to go in Salesforce. For you and for your end-users, FormAssembly offers a tailored visual and interactive experience.

Conditional Features Allow You to Route Data Conditionally

With Salesforce Stay-In-Touch, information can only be sent into contact record fields with no options for customization. With the conditional features in FormAssembly, you can decide exactly how and where information gets transferred into Salesforce.
For example, based on certain information entered by a user into a FormAssembly Form, you could check a box in Salesforce. Here are a few more examples of how you could use the conditional feature in conjunction with FormAssembly’s Stay-In-Touch capabilities:

  • Assigning Tasks to records that are updated and assigning the task to specific Salesforce users based on form entry.
  • Setting up a Contact only if they enter certain criteria, using FormAssembly’s Skip-If functionality.

You can learn more about creating conditional questions with skip-if formulas in our documentation.
FormAssembly’s Stay-In-Touch alternative lets you stay in contact with your users, but it also allows you to do so much more. Nearly any kind of data you need to gather for any context can be collected through the use of a link to a prefilled form and sent to your email list.
We’ll be diving further into the setup of the process, which requires the Salesforce pre-fill connector, later in this series, so stay tuned and reach out to us on Twitter @FormAssembly with any questions. You can also sign up for a 14-day trial if you’d like to test this functionality out. Need more advice on applying FormAssembly’s Stay-In-Touch alternative to your business? Work with our team to set up and discuss your use case.
For more information on FormAssembly’s alternative to Salesforce Stay-In-Touch, you can check out this previous post, titled “Why You Should Choose FormAssembly to Replace Salesforce Stay-in-Touch.”

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