What You Need to Know About Moderation Queue Improvements for FormAssembly Admins

You may have noticed some changes to the moderation queue if you’re an Enterprise or Compliance Cloud user with permissions to grant publishing approval. The changes were released in FormAssembly 4.6.0, and underwent a few small adjustments in FormAssembly 4.6.1.

The significant improvements allow moderators to more easily review and analyze a form on the review page.

Instead of having to open multiple tabs or constantly go back to the main moderation page to open forms and review them, these changes allow you to sequentially audit the forms that need review. Notifications about forms needing review are also now shown under the user icon at the top right of the screen.

“It basically turns the moderation queue into a workflow. Before, there were no badge notifications for administrators and they didn’t know that forms were waiting to be reviewed until they went into their admin dashboard and actually looked at the moderation queue page,” said Deborah Kim, Former Director of Product. “It increases visibility for pending forms that need to be moderated or reviewed. It’s become a much more linear, streamlined process.”

Here’s a full list of all the updates.

Initial Changes

  • Added moderator badge notifications to show how many forms are waiting for review
  • Added “Begin review” button and “Review forms” link to start review process quicker
  • Added check for JavaScript code in form content on moderation page
  • Added list of 10 last modified forms on moderation page
  • Added connector details on moderation page
  • Added processing settings overview on moderation page
  • Added automatic redirect to next form in queue once a form is approved or denied

Additional Improvements

  • Show moderation status of last 10 modified forms on form moderation page
  • Show number of responses on form moderation page
  • Show detailed content for Processing Settings on form moderation page

Read more about the improvements, released between May 31 and June 13, here and here.

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