Meet Andrea Hall, Implementation Services Manager


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When you work with FormAssembly’s Implementation Services, you’re not just working with a company—you’re working one-on-one with friendly people and form building pros. Andrea Hall, Implementation Services Manager, is passionate about helping customers get the most out of FormAssembly. Learn more about her history with FormAssembly and her thoughts on form building in this Q&A.

Tell us about the time you’ve spent at FormAssembly and the roles you’ve had.

I started at FormAssembly in May 2014 as the third full time support team member. I really learned the ins and out of FormAssembly from this role. About two years after that, I moved into the support team lead position. In May 2017, I moved over to the services department, becoming the Implementation Services Manager and first full time services team member.

What do you love about leading the Implementation Services program?

It’s been an adventure getting the department off the ground! It’s amazing seeing how the department has grown and continues to grow every day. Each project and every customer has a different story and a different way they are using FormAssembly. It’s a very unique position to get to interact with our customers on a different level and help them use FormAssembly to the fullest.

How can an organization know whether Implementation Services is a good option for them?

Have you ever wondered if you are using FormAssembly to its fullest capabilities? Have you ever set up a form and thought, “Hmm, I wonder if I can do this” and then spent an hour figuring out how to use that one feature? Do you know how to use FormAssembly, but spending the time to create forms is taking away from other pressing projects that you have? If any of these thoughts have crossed your mind, we are here to help. Our goal as a team is to help our customers understand the product better, so there is a package for everyone!

What practical advice can you give for those looking to get their forms up and running quickly?

One of the most important things I’d suggest is to overestimate how long launching a form will take you. If you think it’ll take two hours of your time, plan for four. Most people forget that it’s not just building a form. It’s building the form, testing that form, making changes, testing again, etc. If you just don’t have that time in your day, that’s where Implementation Services comes in.

How have you seen customers benefit from Implementation Services?

It is possible to learn FormAssembly yourself through our knowledge base, but the customers that take advantage of our services learn everything from the basics to the hidden tips and tricks on an accelerated path. Every customer who has come through services has forms that do everything they wanted plus more. Even when we build the project for them, they are enlightened to features of FormAssembly they didn’t know existed. They are able to create more complex forms by using ours as a guideline.

Now that you’ve met Andrea, we’d love to meet you! Register for a webinar and ask us your questions in the Q&A portion!

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