Make forms easier to complete with the LDAP/Active Directory Prefill Connector

With our handy new LDAP Prefill Connector on the Enterprise Plan, you can now prefill forms with data from your LDAP or Active Directory.
The LDAP Prefill Connector is designed to work with LDAP Authentication enabled, so you can load the form with an authenticated user’s info.
For example, let’s say that Mike needs to fill out a travel expenses form so that he can get reimbursed for a business trip. Once he signs in with his employee ID, the form can pull his info from the company database, so that he doesn’t have to manually enter everything, including his name, employee ID, and office number. Prefilling is especially useful because you’ll get complete and accurate information every time.
Here’s a preview of the connector setup:

LDAP Prefill Connector overview

Once you set up the authentication, you’ll be able to match the fields in your form to the fields in the directory.
For more info, check out our LDAP Prefill Connector documentation.
That’s a wrap for our Enterprise Update series!

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