Looking forward to 2009

2008 has been a great year for us at Our service is used by more and more people worldwide, for causes big and small.
Just before the holidays, the Presidential Inauguration Committee chose us to process a large lead acquisition run. Earlier in the year, BP and Yahoo started using our service to facilitate internal business processes. But many more small businesses and individuals benefited as well, like Matthew from InvestmentMentor, who leveraged our Salesforce integration and saved thousands of dollars in development fees.
We take great pride in being useful to so many.
We have an ambitious plan for 2009, but we won’t forget our priorities:  providing the best user experience and customer service you can find. You can help us by posting your comments here or email us with your suggestions.
We thank you all for your business. If you happen to be on the Gregorian calendar,  happy new year and best wishes for 2009!

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