New: Limit the number of form submissions (and other improvements)


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Throughout June we have continued to make enhancements including finalizing several features within FormAssembly.
Restrict Form Availability With Response Quota
We’ve redesigned the ‘Display and Processing Options’ tab to add another way to control your form availability.  It is now possible to restrict the number of responses you’re willing to receive. Once the response quota has been fulfilled, an error message will be displayed to the visitor and they will not be able to submit additional responses.  You can of course customize the error message as needed. Use for instance to handle registration for an event with limited seating or for selling raffle tickets.

Response Quota

Search The Template Library

It is always nice to have ideas to build on when making something of your own. It is also nice when you are proud of the form you have made and would like to share it with everyone. Our template library is the place for both and we’ve made it easier to use with two recent updates: First, we redesigned the page to facilitate  browsing and previewing. Secondly, we added the ability to search the library by template name and language. We are still working through our to-do list, so expect more updates in the next few weeks.
Manage Your Themes
Rename your themeIf you are anything like me, you play with the themes and save them all until you finally get what you are looking for. This is also how I end up with theme 1… theme 2… and so on. Luckily, our team has now addressed an oversight in the Theme Editor (while fixing some other bugs and usability issues): You can now rename your themes. Whether you’ll remember 1 and 2, red and blue, old and new, it’s all up to you.
The FormAssembly team is always working to improve your user experience. We love to hear about how you use FormAssembly and features that you would like to see added in the future. Hit us up on Twitter or send us an email.

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