Lightning-Ready FormAssembly: What It Means for You


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Are you Lightning Ready? Because we are. FormAssembly’s AppExchange App is Salesforce Lightning Ready, signaling our commitment to evolving as Salesforce and our Salesforce-using customers evolve. This also ensures that you can keep using FormAssembly as you always have for your data collection needs in the Salesforce Lightning interface.
The Lightning-ready app will work on both Classic and Lightning Salesforce instances.*

What is Salesforce Lightning?

As you probably know, Salesforce released the Lightning upgrade as a revamped visual and functional version of Salesforce. Through Lightning, you can achieve greater productivity, save time and gain the ability to quickly create apps. Other Lightning-only features include:

  • Einstein Lead Scoring
  • Lightning for Outlook & Gmail
  • Dashboards with 3+ columns.

What Does It Mean to Be Lightning Ready?

If you’ve browsed through the Salesforce AppExchange lately, you’ve probably seen the Lightning Ready badge and filter, denoting those apps that are Lightning-Ready. By achieving Lightning Ready status, we’re showing that we’ve met Salesforce’s requirement that “100% of your end-user use cases must work as expected in Lightning Experience.”

Why Does this Matter to You?

Becoming Lightning-Ready means FormAssembly works smoothly with the new interface. You can feel secure that you’ll be able to continue using FormAssembly as expected in Salesforce Lightning.

*Please contact support at help@formassemblycom to get the Lightning-ready AppExchange link.

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