[Webinar] Level Up With FormAssembly: 5 Powerful Use Cases You Haven’t Thought of Yet


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If you currently use FormAssembly web forms, you’re most likely aware of our user-friendly form builder, seamless integration with Salesforce and other systems, and high standards for security and compliance. You may have even already mastered our drag-and-drop builder to create contact forms, surveys, or other useful data collection forms.

But did you know that our web form builder is also perfect for more unique types of data collection? It’s true! On May 28, 2021, at 1 p.m. EDT, Rachel Skroback, Content Marketing Manager, and Kayla Condello, Knowledge & Training Manager, shared five lesser-known, yet powerful use cases that will help you collect better data and maximize your FormAssembly experience. Read on for an overview or watch the free, on-demand webinar below.

What you’ll learn

Thanks to our versatile, yet powerful form builder and data collection platform, the use cases for our customers are endless and ever-evolving. In this webinar, Rachel and Kayla explain how to level up your FormAssembly skills with some of our favorite unique use cases, including:

  • How to use FormAssembly to collect and manage support tickets
  • How to build quizzes with FormAssembly
  • How to streamline registration processes with the Salesforce Prefill Connector
  • And more!

After the webinar, Rachel and Kayla pulled questions from the audience for a live Q&A session.

By leveling up your FormAssembly knowledge with these game-changing use cases, you’ll be able to quickly master unique form-building skills, further enhance your data collection processes, and save time, money, and resources!

Expand your knowledge

Ready to take your form-building skills to the next level? Reach out to our friendly customer support team anytime you have questions about specific use cases, or check out our extensive knowledge base. To register for more webinars like this one, visit our webinars page.

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