3 Tips for Capturing Leads With Web Forms


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Success isn’t always about huge leaps and bounds. Sometimes it requires making 1 percent improvements in your work on a daily basis. Lucky for you, there are plenty of opportunities for 1 percent improvement in your web forms and lead collection tactics.
Here are three ways to make micro changes to your web form lead collection strategy that, over time, can add up to big results for your sales team.

1. Brand Your Web Forms Correctly

A 2013 study conducted by APCO Brands looked at tens of thousands of customer surveys to come up with a list of the most lovable brands in the world. The number one spot was taken by the Walt Disney Corporation, with a 74.7 Emotional Linking Index.
What makes a lovable, recognizable brand? It might be linked to the logo. That whimsical, bouncy Walt Disney signature is one of the most distinct and recognizable signatures out there and it’s a mainstay in the beginning of Disney movies.
We don’t know for sure, but the consistency of the logo may be one reason for people’s affection for Disney. This demonstrates something called the mere exposure effect, which is “a psychological phenomenon whereby people feel a preference for people or things simply because they are familiar.”
Design matter on your lead forms, and you should make an effort to keep consistency between your forms and the vehicle that delivered users to them (whether that was an email, your landing page or a social media post). That means using your logo, and using the same fonts and color scheme that you use in the rest of your marketing.As it applies to your lead forms, look at how they’re branded. Can customers easily tell that you’re the company behind those forms or do they exhibit a departure from your branding in terms of color palette, design elements and logo?
How can you apply this in your FormAssembly forms? It’s simple.
Use FormAssembly’s preset themes as a starting point to build great looking forms. Take it a step further by customizing them in the theme editor or by entering custom CSS. With all FormAssembly plans, you can apply custom branding

2. Don’t Ask Leads to Spill All

We all know that the fewer questions the better when it comes to lead forms, but remember that you also have to pick the right questions.
For example, there are some fields you have to include (such as Name, Email Address, etc.) otherwise your lead collection efforts would fall flat.
Then there are questions about your lead’s business, such as size, title, department and budget. These pieces of information can be beneficial to know. Why? Because they help you differentiate between a lead you have a good chance of selling to and one that might not be able to afford what you’re selling, for example.
Use both types of questions, but practice restraint when asking non-essential questions.
If some questions only apply to leads who gave a specific answer to something, use conditional formatting on questions. This means people won’t answer more questions than they need to.

3. Follow-up Quickly

Here’s a crazy sales stat we just learned: According to research, the likelihood that a lead will join your sales cycle increases 21 times if you reach out to them in 5 minutes or less. 
Woah. Pretty significant right? Also, half of people making buying decisions say they’re more likely to go with the company that’s quickest to reach out to them.
So even if you don’t get to a prospect in under five minutes, you still have a much better shot than your competitors at making a sale if you respond fastest.
Responding quickly is of utmost importance with new leads. You probably don’t want to waste time manually transferring data to your CRM. Instead, set up an automatic transfer of data so that new records are created in your CRM automatically. FormAssembly’s Salesforce Connectors are a great way to accomplish this.
Learn more about our Salesforce integration in our Salesforce + FormAssembly eBook.
The good thing about 1 percent changes is that you can fit them in whenever you have time in your busy schedule. Try one of these improvements each day or each week and begin your journey toward better, more effective web forms.
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