June ’08 Updates on

Welcome to another entry in the FormAssembly product blog. The Salesforce connector, new localizations and a new help-desk are on the menu for this June update.
New Help-Desk System
We have rolled out a new support portal. To request assistance, go to the Support tab and open a new support ticket. You can track the progress on your tickets on that same page. Tickets are automatically updated as we exchange emails so you won’t have to wonder whether your email was lost or overlooked. On our end this also greatly facilitates our job as we work on your request.
Salesforce Connector Update
Sandbox Support:
You can now test FormAssembly for AppExchange with your Salesforce sandbox. When setting up your connector, check the ‘sandbox account’ option and enter your API credentials. Once you are ready to switch to your live organization, you simply need to uncheck the box, update the credentials and you’re all set.
New Support for Salesforce Sandbox
Optional Salesforce Triggers:
By default, a new record will trigger any assignment or email rule defined in Salesforce. You can now choose to turn off the rules on a form by form basis.
Salesforce Assignement and Email triggers
Completed Translations

Thanks to the generous contributions of our users, we have recently updated the Japanese, German and Russians translations to ensure that all our advanced features are properly localized for these languages.
Remember that you can help us support new languages by submitting translations.
That’s all for today. As always you are more than welcome to send us your comments, here, in our customer forum or by email.

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