July 20, 2015 – Limited Outage for FormAssembly Enterprise Customers

Note: This issue is now resolved and all Enterprise instances should not be experiencing any further problems.


On 2015-07-20 around 07:10 ET, a small number of our Enterprise customers became and remain unavailable. SoftLayer, FormAssembly’s hosting provider, notified us that a server room in their Washington, D.C. datacenter was experiencing power disruptions. These disruptions were causing racks containing server equipment powering some of FormAssembly’s enterprise customers to lose power. These initial power failures were caused by a utility power disruption.
To compound the problem, SoftLayer’s automatic transfer systems (ATS) failed. These systems are intended to automatically transfer power upon failure to backup generators to continue service. Because the ATS failed, the racks powering a small number of FormAssembly Enterprise customers remained offline until 10:30 AM ET.


This outage did not affect our Basic, Professional, and Premier users that use This outage affected only a limited number of Enterprise customers.
If you are an Enterprise customer and you have questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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