FormAssembly Release Notes: January 2023

Last month we released updates to our Form Builder, Admin Dashboard, and Workflow to improve user and experience and continue to offer a platform for customers and partners to create best-in-class solutions to their data collection needs.

Find more information on January’s full feature release here.


New Design of Workflow Cards in Workflow List Page

The new design of Workflow Cards on the Workflow List Page will be more consistent with the Form List Page for better user experience. Workflow architects now can see Response Counter on each Workflow list card. There is also sort and search functionality to navigate through workflows quickly.

Deleted Responses Page in Admin Dashboard

Admin can now permanently delete or restore deleted forms as well as workflows from the deleted response page in the admin panel.

Configurable Progress Bar

When added to multi-page forms, the new Configurable Progress Bar will show where a respondent is in the form based on how many required fields they have completed. This will give the perception that a form is almost complete, helping respondents finish forms and increasing submission rates.

Conditional Submit Button

Forms creators now have the ability to conditionally control at what point a respondent can click submit. This update doesn’t require custom code to add conditional rules to submit buttons, making it easier to control the quality of your form submissions.

Other releases 

Performance, Security, and Compliance

Prevent email spoofing through sender name restrictions for free trial users

Bug Fixes

  • File Attachments marked as Sensitive being exposed in Workflow Response and emails

If you have any questions about these updates or about FormAssembly in general, please check out our Resource Center or reach out to our Customer Success Team.

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