Introducing the New FormAssembly for AppExchange: Web Forms for Salesforce Delivered.

The new FormAssembly for AppExchange offers on-demand web form creation and data collection to Salesforce users.
Built on the latest version of, with its powerful Form Builder and plenty of incredible features, it lets you create or update any record in Salesforce with web forms. With a simple point&click interface you can create forms to capture new leads, update contacts, open cases, attach files, etc..
We are a Salesforce certified partner since January 2007. Salesforce features are available only in our Professional Plan for users with a Salesforce Unlimited, Enterprise or Professional Edition.
Here’s an overview of the latest improvements:

Work with any Salesforce Record

Our connector now works with any Salesforce object, including custom objects. It is aware of required fields, data types and object relationships. You can for instance create a Lead and link it to a Campaign (two different Salesforce objects), or create a Contact and add an Attachment, all with a single web-form.

Import a Form from Salesforce

Using the new import tool, it literally takes about 30 seconds to get a fully working web form that creates a new lead, case, or that custom object that took you so long to define in Salesforce.

Upsert Records in Salesforce

Upsert is a mechanism that allows you to insert or update a record in Salesforce based on a predefined key. This is how you can edit existing records or prevent duplicates. It’s as simple as checking a box in the connector set up to specify that you will be using, for instance, the record ID or an email address to uniquely identify the record.

Populate the Form with Salesforce Data

The counterpart of the upsert feature is the ability to populate your form with Salesforce data, from within your Salesforce account, using custom links or button. See our documentation for more information.
That’s it! Click here to visit our AppExchange listing and check out our test-drive!

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