Introducing our New Enterprise Plan

FormAssembly Enterprise
This is the announcement of our Enterprise plan, for more up to date information, visit
After quietly working with dozens of customers over the past six months, we are happy to announce the official debut of our Enterprise plan!
The Enterprise plan is designed for organizations and professionals who need to manage a large number of forms and form creators in a dedicated and customizable environment.

So, what’s in it?

It’s enterprise friendly. The Enterprise plan can meet the most stringent requirements, with dependable terms of service, flexible payment options and customizable data retention and access controls policies.

It runs in the cloud or behind your firewall. With two different hosting options: Cloud or (retired) On-Site, you can choose the right balance between convenience and control. Enterprise Cloud runs on a dedicated infrastructure hosted by FormAssembly that is cost effective and convenient, while Enterprise On-Site puts you entirely in charge of hosting and running the service.

It offers a complete administrative interface. Administrators can easily adapt to growing user adoption or changes in your organization, by adding or removing accounts, managing templates and customizing features. Administrators can also monitor form creation and ensure that data collection practices are in compliance with your organization’s policies.

It’s heavily customizable. From branding to color scheme and system messages, you can customize FormAssembly to make it your own. You can also develop plugins to extend its capabilities and better integrate it with your information system.

How much does it cost ?

This plan starts at $150 per month. Check out our pricing page for more information.


Go ahead, test the application! We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Reach us on Twitter, or send us an email

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