[Infographic] GDPR: Obtaining Informed Consent

This information is provided as-is, based on our best understanding of the information publicly available and our consultations with our legal counsel. This is not legal advice, and we cannot answer questions about your particular situation. You should consult with your own legal counsel if you have questions about your obligations under the GDPR.

Among the different bases for lawful data collection under the GDPR, obtaining informed consent is perhaps the best approach to ensure compliance and build trust with your respondents. The operating word here is informed. A person must understand what she’s agreeing to when entering her personal information into a form, and it’s the responsibility of the form creator (the data controller) to provide sufficient information and record consent appropriately.

FormAssembly wants to ensure that our customers have the tools and resources in place to comply with GDPR regulations. In order to ensure full compliance to these regulations, your organization should have a thorough understanding of the lawful means of data collection. To learn more about the importance of informed consent, be sure to review our blog post, [GDPR III] Obtaining Informed Consent.

To bring this topic to life, we’ve put together an infographic to illustrate the how, what, and why of obtaining informed consent. Download your copy at the link below!

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