[Infographic] 10 Reasons to Use FormAssembly: Financial Services


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Companies in the financial services industry have diverse characteristics, but they all need to collect data for some purpose or another, whether it’s mortgage and loan applications, client onboarding, or something else.

To accomplish this and cut through arduous processes and manual data entry, it’s key to have a sophisticated data collection solution. FormAssembly is the #1 enterprise form solution for Salesforce, and it’s perfect for financial services organizations that need to collect data and manage it in a secure, compliant, and ethical way.

Beyond that, there are plenty more reasons to use FormAssembly for financial services, including:

  • Web-to-anything Salesforce integration
  • Multiple payment connectors
  • PCI DSS Level 1 Certification

Learn more in our infographic: “10 Reasons to Use FormAssembly: Financial Services”

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