Incident Report – Oct. 5th 2010

At approximately 12:30pm CST, FormAssembly came under an unexpectedly heavy load and began to lose connectivity. Over the course of the next two hours, we implemented load reduction measures, including reducing the size of allowed file uploads (to 8 mb) and switching to our back up system, but despite our efforts, availability was spotty until 3:30pm. We have restored connectivity at this time, but the load reduction measures will remain in place while we investigate the cause of the failure.
At this time we believe all forms hosted by FormAssembly to be functional.
If you experience any further service disruptions, please let us know at: [email protected].
We will post another update once we have identified the full cause of the downtime and determined a plan of action for preventing it in the future.
Thank you for your understanding and patience.
The Team

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