Incident Report – November 7th 2011

At 10:15 am ET on Nov. 7th, we began to receive notifications from our monitoring service that had become unreachable.  In total the outage lasted about 25 minutes, although the actual outage experienced by individual users varied and would have been typically much less.
The cause of the issue was a wide-scale malicious attack performed against DynDNS, a DNS service provider that handles name resolution for FormAssembly and many other websites. DynDNS has resolved the issue and posted more information on their website.

While DynDNS was down, many FormAssembly users were unable to reach our service because they could not obtain the correct IP address for our servers. Users who were using FormAssembly at the time of the incident were less likely to be affected as they would have relied on the IP address cached by their web browser or operating system.
Our own servers were operating normally and no data was lost during this incident.
At this time, we expect to be fully operational.  You can check the status of our service at, and see up to the minute updates from twitter at @FormAssembly.
While today’s incident was out of our control, we will still review our hosting strategy and see what actions we can take to prevent or mitigate such incidents in the future.
We appreciate your patience and understanding. Please let us now if you have any questions or concerns.
The FormAssembly Team.

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