Incident Report – July 3th 2010

Earlier this evening we identified an issue with file attachments for a  small number of users. Between 3pm and 11pm EST (21:00 – 05:00 GMT) affected users were not able to receive files submitted with their forms.  The response report would show the submitted data, but any attached file would be missing. Unfortunately these files were not stored and cannot be recovered.
At this time we believe that only 17 customers were affected. We will be contacting them directly to apologize for the incident and help them obtain the complete responses from their respondents.

The cause of the incident was a system configuration error on a backup server. We put this server online today in order to perform an unrelated routine maintenance on a different machine. The issue was compounded by an application design issue which helped the problem go unnoticed  until one of the affected user reported it to us.
The integrity of your data is our responsibility and we take today’s incident very seriously. We hope that we’ll be able to work with the affected users to get their missing files and we’ll work tomorrow to make sure we won’t run into this problem again.
Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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