Incident Report: Google Spreadsheet Integration (July 19, 2010)

On July 19, Google updated the Google Spreadsheet API to increase Google Docs account security. As a result FormAssembly customers who granted us access to Google Spreadsheet must renew their authorization. FormAssembly will not otherwise be able to update your Google Spreadsheets with new results.
If you do not use the Google Spreadsheet connector, you may disregard this notification. Affected users who requested email notifications of downtime and incidents have been contacted by email.
To renew our authorization, follow these steps (est. time < 5 min.):

1. If you installed FormAssembly through the Google Apps Marketplace:
Please visit your Google Apps’ Domain Management console and update the permissions for the FormAssembly application.
This will update the security token held by FormAssembly. This is the only step you need take.
2. If you did not install FormAssembly through the Google Apps Marketplace:
Please visit your FormAssembly form’s Google Spreadsheet connector page. Within the connector, ‘revoke’ the current authorization,
then click ‘begin’
to start the process of issuing FormAssembly a new security token.
This process must be repeated for each form that connects to Google Spreadsheet.
We apologize for the inconvience, and if you experience any difficulty, please contact us.

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