Important for Salesforce users: New servers and new IP ranges on June 24th

We’re bringing new servers online and updating the list of IP ranges from which we’re communicating with Salesforce.
If you’re a Salesforce user, this change may require you to update your Salesforce security settings.

When will the switch happen?

We’re planning on switching to the new servers on June 24th. If you’re affected, you’ll need to make changes before that date.

Who’s affected?

Customers on the Professional Plan with Salesforce integration relying on Trusted IP ranges. Customers on the Enterprise Plan are not affected.
If you’re not affected, you can stop reading now.

How do I know if I’m using Security Tokens or Trusted IP ranges?

If you entered a security token when you set up your Salesforce connector(s), you do not need to change anything. Your forms will continue to work as usual, even if you have Trusted IP ranges set up for some other purpose.
If you or your Salesforce administrator set up Trusted IP ranges and you left the Security Token field empty when you set up your connector(s), then you need to take action to make sure your forms will continue to work.

Salesforce Connector authentication step

If you’re not sure, you can test your current setup with our new servers without any risk. See below for more information.

If I’m using Trusted IP Ranges, what do I need to do?

You need to add the new IP addresses to your Trusted IP range. It should only take a minute or two.

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(Note that instructions may vary depending on your Salesforce edition. Click here for more details.)

What if I can’t make the change?

If you’d rather not use Trusted IP ranges or for some reason can’t make the change immediately, you can instead update the credentials in your connectors and make sure to include the security token. Once you’ve made the change for one connector, you’ll be prompted to update the credentials for all other connectors using the same credentials. If you use a different login for different connectors, you’ll need to update those as well.
See documentation.

What will happen if my Trusted IP ranges aren’t set correctly?

Your integration will fail, as Salesforce will reject connections from our new servers. If you set your account preference to receive notifications when error occurs, you’ll get an email when this happens. Your data will be safely stored on our servers, ready to be resent once you complete the steps above.

I made the change. Can I test it to make sure it’s okay?

Yes, you can test our new infrastructure any time by testing one of your forms at (Replace FORM_ID with the ID number of the form you want to test). Upon submission, your connector will run and you can verify its proper execution in Salesforce or in the connector log.
If you have any questions, please email us, tweet @FormAssembly, or leave a comment.

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