How We Celebrate the Holiday Season with a Fully Remote Team

Happy Holidays from your friends at FormAssembly! As a fully remote team, we may not be able to gather for the traditional holiday party or potluck office lunch like the traditional workplace. But, we’ve figured out how to celebrate with remote employees for the holiday season!

This year, for the fifth year in a row, our team participated in the annual FormAssembly Secret Santa gift exchange tradition. We put together wish lists, looked at each others’ lists for gift ideas, then sent and received our anonymous gifts in the mail throughout the month of December.

In this blog, we’re sharing a look at some of the gifts our teammates exchanged during this year’s Secret Santa. With everything from books to trinkets and more, these gifts were a great way to connect with members of the FormAssembly team from all of our remote locations.

Gifts for the Book Lovers

With plenty of bookworms on the team, many of our coworkers had books on their Secret Santa wish lists this year. Wish lists took the guesswork out of Secret Santa gifting and helped each participant pick out the gifts they had in mind. From comical cookbooks to sci-fi, non-fiction and fantasy, here’s what some of us received:

“Thank you. I appreciate the reading material.” —Aken Roberts, Product Engineer

“Thank you, Secret Santa! I can’t wait to get started.” —Kevin Hoyle, Senior Account Executive

“My Secret Santa might be on the naughty list!” — Brittany Arnett, Senior Product Manager (former employee)

“Thank you, Secret Santa!” —Alex Bariyev, Product Manager

“Making a claim for the nerdiest gift. Thank you Secret Santa!” —Andy Hall, Application Security Engineer (former employee)

Gadgets and Gizmos

Toys, tools, and trinkets galore! One of the most fun parts about the Secret Santa tradition at FormAssembly is getting to know coworkers better in terms of their interests and tastes. Exchanging small gifts is always a great way to connect with each other, even when we’re far away. Here are some of our teammates with fun new trinkets from their Secret Santas:

“Wow, what a generous Secret Santa! I can’t wait to use these. Picture demonstrates Ada’s approval. Also, the hydration pack matches her harness.” —Dustin Phelps, Marketing Designer (and his dog, Ada)

“Thank you so much Secret Santa! Perfect for all the hot chocolate I drink around the holidays.” —Aaron Brigham, Product Engineer

“Thanks for helping me nerd out in my garden, Secret Santa! Soil moisture sensors, a relay module, and pumps to auto-measure and water my garden. From marketing automation to gardening automation.” —Steven Watkins, Marketing Automation Specialist

“Thank you very much, secret Santa! I love my second diffuser. Pia loves it too. It came in last week! Great timing to India.” —Katrina Garza, Director of Customer Success

“Thanks for adding to my Star Wars haul this season Secret Santa! The First Order doesn’t stand a chance. They’re doomed. Also, I’m a Jedi.” —Paul Lazatin, Head of Partnerships

“Thank you Secret Santa for my awesome new toys. It was super cool to see my lights come on according to schedule this morning.” —Randall Ziman, UX/UI Designer (former employee)

“Thanks Santa! You outdid yourself. First, the WW Funko, and now, a ring I will wear with pride as a reminder to always always keep going. Thank you so much, whoever you are!” —Angel Speagle, Knowledge Coordinator

With another successful year in the books for FormAssembly, we’re feeling extra grateful for our team as we move into a new year. Want to join our remote team as we work together to transform data collection? We’re hiring! Check out our openings and apply today.

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