New Content: FormAssembly + Mogli Higher Education Tip Sheet


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If you’ve ever wondered how to improve the processes at your college or university with better data collection, FormAssembly can help. Interacting with new and incoming students often takes place in a fast-paced, high-energy environment. Because of this, you can’t afford to let data silos and pain points stand in the way of your school’s recruitment efforts.

Did you know that choosing the most powerful tools and platforms can create a positive difference in your institution’s recruitment strategy? Better data broadens your reach, helps you connect with more students, and supports other foundational goals that your institution may have.

Using better data collection practices begins today

In our latest content download, Using Better Data Collection for Optimized Higher Ed Recruitment, we’ve partnered up with the experts at Mogli to deliver a valuable resource for higher education professionals. From a discussion on data pain points to a look at best practices, the tip sheet is a guide you’ll want to have close by as you meet with students, equip your staff, and prepare for growth at your college or university.

What you’ll learn in the tip sheet

When you download Using Better Data Collection, you’ll get a better understanding of some of the common pain points faced by higher education recruiters. And even if recruitment isn’t your area of expertise, you’ll be able to learn how the first interaction with a student powers other educational processes. These include everything from admissions, to academics, to alumni relations. Here’s a preview of what the tip sheet includes:

  • How to handle quick touchpoints with potential students without missing a beat when it comes to collecting relevant contact information
  • How to follow-up with interested students in a meaningful, technologically powerful way
  • How recruiters can leverage advanced (yet easy-to-use) web form processes to hit goals and drive better results
  • The reason why these best practices help college and university staff stay on top of trends, even in the midst of a competitive market
  • How Mogli and FormAssembly work side-by-side to create a powerful data solution that all higher ed professionals can implement quickly and easily

The perfect guide for college personnel

This higher education resource is a practical tool for any school professional who wants to learn how to optimize data collection. In particular, college recruitment is a competitive field that requires innovation, flexibility, and creativity. In this resource, you’ll find creative and modern solutions to solve some of your most frustrating recruitment questions.

Don’t just collect data
— leverage it