What Higher Ed Customers Love About FormAssembly

Apr 8, 2019 | Higher Education

With Salesforce.org Higher Ed Summit 2020 just a few days away, we’re showcasing some of the reasons why customers love using FormAssembly for data collection in higher education. Whether it’s the ability to leverage powerful integrations that connect to an existing CRM, or the opportunity to capitalize on FormAssembly’s unlimited forms and responses, campus professionals can take data collection to a new level with innovative web forms.

Read below to discover some of the reasons why higher ed customers love FormAssembly.

Integration to Salesforce

For many higher ed customers, FormAssembly’s Salesforce connector is a huge advantage when it comes to syncing data in real time.


“FormAssembly Salesforce integration is a key factor. With the integration, we have a powerful tool that allows us to see exactly what’s going on on our campuses in real time.”
—Adam Skozczlas, University of Michigan

“FormAssembly’s Salesforce integration is the best we’ve seen.”
—Rebecca O’Sullivan, Institute for Humane Studies, George Mason University

Ease of Onboarding

Many FormAssembly users on college campuses are IT and data professionals, but others are employed in non-technical roles. The simplicity of FormAssembly makes onboarding a breeze, regardless of technical expertise.


“When I came in, I didn’t have any prior experience with FormAssembly. I was surprised by it. The drag-and-drop feature to add and reorder questions is nice, and being able to change the format is pretty user friendly.”
—Brian Heger, Maryville University

“FormAssembly in itself makes it very easy to create forms, even for a non-technical person.”
—Jeffrey Shpunt, Western Connecticut State University

Benefits to Students and Staff

FormAssembly’s use cases are relevant for students, staff, and faculty, who all work with data collection in higher education in unique ways. According to our customers, many campus web form projects develop from the need to improve user experience holistically.


“In order to compete with peers and get the top quality students and rise in the rankings, you have to bring in the best possible class that you can. With that, the administrators realized that they could not keep using the same old processes.”
—Brian Karcinski, University of Florida School of Pharmacy

“We’ve had groups come in where we’ve provided very little training, and they’re able to get their forms up and running That’s one of the things about higher education that’s really important. Especially in a decentralized environment, you want people to have some kind of ownership over a piece of the process, and this is an easy thing that they can own with minimal oversight from an administrator.”
—Haley Gould, University of Michigan

Admissions and Recruitment Uses

Several institutions of higher education use FormAssembly for their admissions and recruitment processes. Web form features like the Prefill Connector make it easier on students to complete necessary enrollment steps.

For example, Maryville University uses FormAssembly forms to empower their team of national recruiters who travel around the country. The school’s recruitment forms contain engaging elements, conditional logic, and interactive questions.

Western Connecticut State uses FormAssembly to kickstart their college admissions process with web form applications. One form alone has saved up to 1,600 working hours for staff who process and handle new applicants. To date, the university is just shy of 10,000 applications using FormAssembly during the admissions process.

Explore these and many more data collection in higher education use cases in our 100 Ways to Use FormAssembly eBook.

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