[Webinar Recap] Facing Change in Healthcare: Shifts in Security, Compliance, and Workplace Norms


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As a result of the coronavirus pandemic and current global events, data security and compliance standards are shifting for the healthcare industry. HIPAA requirements have changed, healthcare companies are facing heightened security threats, and telehealth appointments and remote work options have become more common than ever.

In our June 2020 webinar, Facing Change in Healthcare: How to Weather Shifts in Security, Compliance, and Workplace Norms, we provide insight about the current changes happening within the healthcare industry and how to navigate them successfully. Read on for a recap of the webinar or replay the broadcast in full below.

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Understanding current shifts in the healthcare industry

To start the webinar, Chad Cragle, Director of Security and Compliance at FormAssembly, discusses the recent changes and exceptions that have been made to HIPAA because of the ongoing pandemic. These changes allow healthcare professionals to gain more access to important health information while also allowing patients to access the care they need. Some of these changes include:

  • Making health information more freely available to first responders in specific states
  • Greater access to telehealth through a variety of platforms
  • Relaxed enforcement in the event of a “good faith breach”

Chad explains that while some exceptions are being made to HIPAA, it’s still absolutely crucial to maintain high standards of security and compliance in order to protect patients’ sensitive information. Some hackers are attempting to take advantage of weakened healthcare organizations during this time, making security awareness even more important. In addition to these changes, Chad discusses the future of remote work in the healthcare industry and how organizations can adapt to this new normal.

How FormAssembly can help

FormAssembly is an all-in-one form builder and data collection platform that is committed to the highest standards of security and compliance. Healthcare organizations worldwide leverage our HIPAA-compliant platform as they collect and process PHI.

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