GMC Webinar Recap: Modernizing Content Production and Data Collection


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In the modern age of digital marketing, navigating the ever-evolving buyer journey can present a significant challenge. Not only is it important to bring awareness and create educational resources, but it’s also critical to motivate customers and to generate loyalty. To do so, marketers and business leaders must combine effective content marketing with high-quality data collection practices.

To help digital marketers conquer the challenges of content creation and data collection, FormAssembly recently teamed up with Brandcast in a combined webinar for the Growth Marketing Conference. In the session, “How to Modernize Content Production and Data Collection to Drive Faster Growth,” Chris Schreiber from Brandcast and Jaret Manuel from FormAssembly explained how to use content and data collection together in powerful ways.

If you missed the live broadcast and would like to catch up, you can catch the full recording by clicking below.

Tackling content velocity and data collection together

To begin the presentation, the Brandcast team shared a few important statistics about modern digital content. Recent research reveals that:

  • 85% of marketers feel under pressure to create digital assets with more speed
  • 71% of marketers create substantially more content assets than in previous years

The increasing pressure to stay current and provide high-value resources to consumer audiences often creates an environment in which available solutions don’t address the problem. But with scalable, code-free platforms like Brandcast, launching innovative content easily and quickly becomes a reality.

In the webinar, Chris and Jaret also explained how a powerful data collection platform like FormAssembly works in tandem with content creation solutions to capture more information about incoming leads and prospects. By implementing the two solutions together, marketers can avoid some of the most common frustrations around data collection, including:

  • Disconnected data that doesn’t integrate to a CRM platform
  • Data silos that keep relevant information out of the hands of teams that need it
  • Overcomplexity when too many solutions are needed to accomplish the same goal
  • Time-consuming processes that require extensive IT support or coding knowledge

Key takeaways

During the broadcast, Chris and Jaret showcased how content and data solutions work together to drive better results for modern teams. By using elements like code-free landing pages, dynamic web books, integrated web forms, and proper routing procedures, it’s easier than ever to duplicate more projects and campaigns. This helps maximize resources while helping teams create mobile-responsive and SEO-friendly content that converts lead and prospect data.

Learn more about FormAssembly + Brandcast

To discover even more insight on how to drive more results with digital lead generation best practices, download the FormAssembly + Brandcast eBook today. In Reimagining Digital Lead Generation, you’ll uncover content creation tips, data collection best practices, and realistic use case ideas to help you put this knowledge to practical use.

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