Google Spreadsheet Changes

Google has recently begun changing the ways their Data APIs operate for third party services like FormAssembly.  As a result, in the coming weeks, customers who have used or are using our Google Spreadsheet API connectors will need to take certain actions by April 20th.  This affects all FormAssembly customers who have an active Google Spreadsheet regardless of their version / edition of FormAssembly.

What’s changing:

In order to increase security, Google has mandated that all API communications must use a new authentication system.  Because of this, the access rights you have granted FormAssembly in the past to send data to Google Spreadsheets on your behalf, will no long be accepted.  This means that all forms connected to Google Spreadsheets will begin failing to send data to Google beginning on or after April 20th, 2015.
As a result, we’ve written a new Google Spreadsheet connector (called “Google Spreadsheet Connector v2”) which will be able to resume communication with Google Spreadsheets.

What you need to do:

In the next week we’ll be deploying the new Google Spreadsheet v2 connector to and our Enterprise Cloud customers.  Any customer who currently has a Google Spreadsheet v1 connector will need to remove it and replace it with a Google Spreadsheet v2 prior to April 20, 2015.

What if I can’t install the update in time?

Your form will continue to work, but the spreadsheet integration part will fail once Google effectively disables the old authentication API (April 20th). You will be able to resume sending data to the spreadsheets once you’ve installed the update.

What’s next:

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.
We realize how inconvenient it can be to upgrade the software and your forms. Let us know how we can assist in making this change as seamless as possible for you.
Drew Buschhorn
FormAssembly COO

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