[Webinar Recap] Does the GDPR Apply to You?


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FormAssembly’s VP of Marketing, Ashley McAlpin, and Director of Customer Success, Katrina Garza, hosted the first GDPR webinar in a threefold series about the regulation. The first webinar, held May 9, 2018, focused exclusively on whether the GDPR applies to customers, particularly in context of data collection with FormAssembly.

GDPR Webinar: Does the GDPR Apply to You?

Conversation surrounding upcoming changes resulting from the GDPR has increased both in the European Union and elsewhere, and many FormAssembly customers are curious whether the new rules apply to them. If you are using FormAssembly to collect and process personal data of European Union subjects, either as an organization established in the EU, or as an outside organization with goods or services directed at EU data subjects, then the GDPR applies to you.

Understanding Terms

In the first GDPR webinar, we help unpack terms associated with the GDPR such as data controller, data processor, consent, and personal data. As the webinar series unfolds, many of these terms will be discussed in greater depth to help you fully understand best practices for compliance.

Goods and Services

European Union regulators and courts will be looking closely at the intent to offer goods and services to EU data subjects. As a result, it’s vital to ensure that marketing materials stay in compliance. The webinar provides detailed examples to help users understand how and when they’ll be held accountable to goods and services regulations.

GDPR Applies – What’s Next?

If, as a customer, you conclude that the GDPR applies to your use of FormAssembly, there are some steps you can take right off the bat. FormAssembly’s Data Processing Addendum is a crucial first step for any client moving towards GDPR compliance.
If you’re curious whether FormAssembly is GDPR compliant, the answer is yes! The webinar recaps FormAssembly’s high data collection standards and summarizes the shared responsibility of maintaining GDPR regulations. FormAssembly’s end goal is to help all users feel confident and compliant with new GDPR standards, which is why we’re well-equipped with new tools, services, and resources ahead of the May 25 enforcement date.

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