Making Sense of GDPR: Our Favorite Resources


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This information is provided as-is, based on our best understanding of the information publicly available and our consultations with our legal counsel. This is not legal advice, and we cannot answer questions about your particular situation. You should consult with your own legal counsel if you have questions about your obligations under the GDPR.

As the May 25 deadline for the GDPR looms ever closer, organizations within the EU and elsewhere are rushing to prepare their websites and data collection processes for the new regulations. The GDPR carries with it the potential for hefty fines in the event of non-compliance, so it’s no surprise businesses want to get it right. At FormAssembly, we’re proud to be GDPR Compliant, which you can read more about in our GDPR FAQ page. We’ve done our share of research on GDPR and its implications. Here are some of the top resources we’ve run across, so you can use them in your research as well.

GDPR Information Portal

Created in partnership with Trunomi and Commvault, this dedicated GDPR portal not only includes an FAQ page and an overview of some of the most salient changes from the previous directive to the GDPR, but it also includes a GDPR timeline and brief history of previous regulatory events.
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Full GDPR Legislative Act

While there are multiple articles and resources summarizing and unpacking various segments of the GDPR, you may also want to read the original text of the regulation. Here are two sources for the full text of the GDPR in different formats. You may be happy to find (as we were) that the language is fairly easy to understand, which is great!
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The ICO’s Guide to the GDPR

While the GDPR itself is fairly clear and understandable, this document from ICO breaks down the regulation further into a simple, digestible format with handy summaries, downloadable documents, and lists describing how to put GDPR requirements into practice.
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Salesforce’s GDPR-Readiness Center

If you use Salesforce, as we and many of our customers do, this GDPR-focused hub may be helpful. View GDPR videos, FAQs, Salesforce-specific information, and more.
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Salesforce Trailhead: European Union Privacy Law Basics & GDPR

If you prefer an active learning approach, take a look at this GDPR Trailhead module from Salesforce.
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HubSpot: Are You GDPR-Ready?
This piece from HubSpot contains checklists of questions to consider when preparing for GDPR.
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What are your top GDPR resources? Let us know in the comments.
Learn more about GDPR and what it means to you as a FormAssembly customer on our GDPR FAQ page.

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