Product Update: A Modernized Forms List


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FormAssembly is always working to better understand our customers’ needs as we make efforts to improve our product. As a result of customer research and feedback, we are updating the Forms List within our online form builder and data collection platform to improve the overall form management experience.

In this blog post, we explain the details about our Forms List updates and what they mean for our users.

What’s changing

We are updating the Forms List to a newer technology and primarily improving the search, sort, and filter with tags functionality. Additionally, we will be refreshing the layout of the form tiles to better meet our users’ form management needs.

With this update, users will notice:

  • A modernized Forms List
  • Improved and expanded search, sort and filter functionality
  • Redesigned multi-select tagging for forms
  • More informative links to responses
  • Updated descriptions and tags modal
  • Better organization of form tile data

The goal of these changes is to provide a user experience that is more supportive of our form creators who are managing large numbers of forms while modernizing the list.

Who will be affected

These updates are being made to a global area of the application, so all customers with trial, Professional, Premier, Enterprise Cloud, or Compliance Cloud accounts will be equally affected.

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