Preparing for FormAssembly’s Virtual 2020 All-Team Reunion


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As a fully remote team, FormAssembly plans an all-team reunion every year as an opportunity for all of our teammates to spend time together and to get to know one another in person. We’re firm believers that these reunions are great for cultivating a strong company culture and camaraderie among coworkers.

This year’s reunion won’t look quite the same as it has in years past due to health and safety concerns. However, our event coordinator and culture team have worked together to bring virtual reunion activities to the safety of our own homes so that we can continue with our yearly reunion traditions from afar. In this blog post, we’ll explain more about what we have in store for this year’s virtual reunion!

This year’s plans

FormAssembly’s 2020 all-team reunion will be taking place the week of August 24-28. Like with other reunions, customers should expect limited response hours as our team members will be spending a portion of their work hours participating in reunion activities. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we spend time together (virtually) as a team!

Because our team includes 100+ individuals with different interests and backgrounds, each reunion includes a wide variety of activities for our team members to choose from. For past reunions, we’ve done everything from ziplining to kayaking to wine tasting and beyond. Because we’re unable to do traditional activities like these this in person this year, our event coordinator, Hayley McNitt, has discovered and organized some fun, creative alternatives:

  • Remote wine tasting with wines from a small winery in Sacramento to support a small business
  • A virtual escape room with Escape Games
  • A personalized team game show with Go Game
  • Fun “work from home” swag packages with joggers and other surprises
  • Fitness classes led by Olympic athletes
  • Virtual cooking and baking classes with Fest
  • And more!

About our remote company culture

The FormAssembly team is spread out all over the world, with all of our employees working remotely on a regular basis. Our culture is driven by flexibility, trust, communication, and collaboration, and we participate in all-team and departmental reunions each year to strengthen our company culture.

To learn more about our team and culture, visit our team page.

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