3 Ways FormAssembly Helps You Be Unlimited


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If you’ve ever started using a web form solution only to discover that there are caps on the number of forms you can create, the number of responses you can collect, or the customization abilities of the integration, this blog post (and FormAssembly as a whole) is for you. At FormAssembly we’re all about helping you be unlimited in everything you do, starting with the ability to gather unlimited forms and responses. Discover three key ways that we put this into practice with our platform.

1. By Enabling Unlimited Use Cases

Whether you need surveys, donation forms, registration forms, or job applications, you can do it all with FormAssembly’s intuitive web form builder and unlimited forms. To spark your imagination, we compiled 100 of our favorite use cases into an eBook. Download your copy today:

2. By Stretching the Boundaries of Salesforce Integration

There’s a reason so many Salesforce users use FormAssembly. Our unlimited integration lets you send data to any standard or custom object, prefill forms with Salesforce data, and more. Our integration takes into account how customized your Salesforce integration is and adjusts to your processes.

To take a look at some of the unique use cases with FormAssembly & Salesforce, watch our latest installment in the Year of Unlimited Webinar Series, where we cover how to use multiple Salesforce connectors on a single form.

3. By Offering Personalized Implementation Services

FormAssembly is built to be user-friendly, but if you ever run into a use case you can’t seem to build or if you simply don’t have enough time to bring your web form plans to fruition, FormAssembly offers an Implementation Services department with multiple packages from onboarding to form building to FormAssembly training.

It’s called the Year of Unlimited for a reason! If you’d like to start pushing the boundaries of data collection, get a free demo today.

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