FormAssembly Themes: What You Need to Know to Start Designing

Jan 15, 2019 | Form Design, Tips and Best Practices

After creating a form with FormAssembly, a great next step is to apply a theme, making the form look as aesthetically pleasing as it is user-friendly and complex. Many FormAssembly users employ themes, which can be created using CSS to achieve a certain look or adhere to brand standards.

We offer a development kit to aid people with CSS/Sass knowledge that want to create FormAssembly themes. This can include:

  • People who want to create custom themes to match their own organizational branding requirements.
  • People who want to create themes for FormAssembly users as a whole to use.

If either of these describe you, read on for what’s involved in creating custom themes and how you can learn more about creating themes yourself.

How Themes Are Created

New FormAssembly themes are created in our existing CSS/HTML custom framework, which supports a wide range of responsive form layouts and form elements. Multiple form elements, from inputs to buttons, can be customized using CSS to achieve a unique visual style.

We offer a development kit on request that serves as a guide (including examples) for creating form themes with CSS.

Start Designing FormAssembly Themes

Whether you’re trying to create a specific look for your organization’s forms or are looking to flex your CSS skills with a new project, we can help. Visit our landing page to learn more about this opportunity and how you can request the development kit.

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