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Article: Job openings among 40 industries down 1.5% during coronavirus pandemic
Author: N.F. Mendoza
Website/Publication: TechRepublic

Article Summary:

In this TechRepublic article by N.F. Mendoza, various tech-industry professionals discuss their thoughts about job openings during the COVID-19 pandemic. The article says:

  • Amid the COVID-19 outbreak worldwide, job openings in tech are up and down, with the internet and tech jobs category up 41%, according to Glassdoor.
  • Some tech professionals say job openings will continue to decrease, while others predict companies will continue with hiring plans.

The Highlights:

Joey Owens-Barham, FormAssembly Director of Talent and Culture, on the ability to use technology to continue hiring:

“Joey Owens-Barham, director of talent and culture at FormAssembly, a web form platform, cited the challenges of hiring and recruiting during a pandemic, but added, ‘If a company is willing to implement video interviewing in lieu of an onsite interview, then the process can continue, and people can maintain social distancing without any compromise.’”

Mendoza on job opening predictions, with information from a special edition of Glassdoor’s monthly job market report:

“Positions in tech (in general) are among the 40 industries down 1.5% in job openings profiled in a special edition of Glassdoor’s monthly job market report, released Tuesday. Glassdoor’s special report concludes that its data is suggesting that the labor market is slowing but not tumbling. ‘However, if declines in job openings continue as the outbreak worsens, a more dramatic slowdown in the labor market is possible.’”

Tony Boyle, president and CEO of HRdownloads Inc, on current and future job openings:

“Our continued hiring has certainly not slowed down and the openings and opportunities are very much still available in this challenging time. Now more than ever, remote workers are needed in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, and I do not see this slowing down. Demand for remote labor force will likely grow exponentially if the situation persists.”

Read the full article here, and keep up with more FormAssembly updates on our blog.

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