FormAssembly Teammate Highlight: Rachel Skroback

Do you know the people behind FormAssembly? It’s time for another blog in our FormAssembly Teammate Highlight series, where we’re getting to know our individual team members better by asking them a series of questions. This week, we’re profiling Rachel Skroback, Content Writer at FormAssembly.

Name: Rachel Skroback
Title: Content Writer
FormAssembly Start Date: August 2019

1. What interested you about FormAssembly in the first place?

My goal was to find a remote job, but I still wanted stability, and I wanted to be part of a like-minded team. It’s tough to find all of that in one place. So, when I came across FormAssembly and read about how they manage to combine all of those things, it seemed like a perfect fit!

2. What’s your favorite thing about your job?

I really enjoy the deadline-driven nature of my position because I tend to work best under a bit of pressure.

3. What excites you most about your position and growth opportunity at FormAssembly?

As I was researching FormAssembly before I started working here, I noticed that many of the team members have been with the company for several years and have since grown into new positions. I’m excited that FormAssembly allows room for growth so I can continue to learn new things and move forward in my career.

4. What has been your proudest moment at FormAssembly?

Attending the all-team reunion shortly after I first started was the proudest moment for me so far because I got to meet all of the extremely smart and talented people I work with. Being surrounded by everyone made me feel really proud and grateful to be part of the team.

5. What unique qualities do you bring to the FormAssembly team?

I don’t know if this quality is entirely unique among all of my impressive coworkers, but I’m extremely detail oriented.

6. What are some of your favorite activities outside of work?

I love to spend time with my husband and our two wonderful rescue dogs. We love walks, road trips, and the occasional outdoor adventure here in the Colorado mountains. We’re big popcorn and movie people, so we go to the movies more frequently than most. I love watching mindless reality TV, shopping, cooking, and baking.

7. If you were a breakfast cereal, what would you be and why?

I think I’d be Cheerios, including all their different flavors. Cheerios are a familiar, under-the-radar classic. They’re never too sweet, and their variety in flavors can surprise you every now and again!

8. Who was your role model/hero as a child? Why?

I had a lot of these, can’t pick just one. I always looked up to the influential adults in my lifemy parents, favorite teachers, and family members. They were all great examples that showed me how to be persistent in chasing after big life goals.

9. What’s your spirit animal? Why?

Whales, without question. Whales are my absolute favorite animal because they’re so majestic and awe-inspiring. I also totally relate to their family-oriented, peaceful nature.

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