Our support team is growing. Here’s how that affects you.


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FormAssembly’s Customer Success team members are a busy bunch! In February 2017, we wrote about some changes with our support, such as limited chat and a greater focus on email. Throughout the year, we’ve been building our team better and stronger. Read on for more support happenings this year.

Building an Incredible Support Team

To continually provide you with the best support, we’ve put together a dream team of our own (one that’s not done growing). Hiring great support team members has been a big focus this year. You may already know some of our more veteran members, but you might not be as familiar with some of our newer members. Here’s the entire line-up of support team members, both veterans and new faces.

Our Friendly, Ever-Growing Customer Success Team










More Support Professionals, Better Support

The huge growth on our support team is all part of our effort to provide better, faster support to you, the customers that rely on FormAssembly. If you’ve noticed a difference in how and when your support issues are being handled, please know that we’re constantly looking for new ways to improve our support, even as some things change (such as our return to email as our primary channel of support because it allows us to dig deeper into issues and help more people).

Other Support Options

If you’re ever in need of more help with your forms, we encourage you to explore some other great options for FormAssembly support beyond email.

  • Our documentation includes hundreds of pages of tutorials and videos and is being updated all the time.
  • FormAssembly users are active on Twitter and the FormAssembly Power of Us Hub. Reach out to your peers to see if they’ve experienced your issue.
  • You can fill out out our support form with details of the issue and screenshots.

There are always growing pains associated with progress, but our outstanding support team is still dedicated as ever to providing great support day in and day out. We appreciate your feedback on the process, because that’s what helps us adjust and improve.
Thank you for your patience and understanding!
– The FormAssembly Team

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