FormAssembly Seasonal Nonprofit Spotlight: Nonprofit Customers Bringing Groups Together


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The holidays are all about togetherness. Whether you’re gathering with family or friends, you’re likely to cherish the time together over the next few months. Nonprofits also have a knack for bringing people, groups, and opportunities together—and not just around the holidays.
Here are some of the nonprofits that use FormAssembly in their work and how they make pivotal connections in the holiday season and year-round.

Bringing Together… People and Animals: Oregon Humane Society

If you’re an animal lover, you know how critical humane societies and animal shelters are to providing care for animals that don’t have a dedicated family. The Oregon Humane Society, the largest humane society in the Northwest, helps more than 11,000 pets every year, many of them requiring medical care. Despite this, they impose no limits on the length of time an animal stays at their shelter. This December, like every year, they’re trying to get all the available shelter pets adopted before the end of the month.
Learn More: Oregon Humane Society Website

Bringing Together… Women and Underserved Communities and STEM Careers: STEM Advantage

Jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields are plentiful (and growing), but the amount of qualified individuals to take those jobs is lacking in proportion. STEM Advantage is working to close that gap and bring together women and people in underserved communities with STEM jobs. STEM Advantage helps provide individuals in California with the necessary experience and other assistance to get a STEM job when they graduate.
Learn More: STEM Advantage Website

Bringing Together… Kids and Mentors: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta

If you ask people how they got where they are today, many of them would probably mention the help and guidance of a trusted mentor. Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta aims to facilitate that by pairing at-risk children with people who volunteer to be mentors. Their organization helps more than 2,000 young people at any given time.
Learn More: Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta Website
FormAssembly Use Case: Program & Volunteer Application Forms (Read all about it in our case study on our work with TechBridge, a nonprofit consulting firm, and how they implemented FormAssembly and other tools for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta.)
As you gather with friends and family this holiday season, remember nonprofits like these and others, that work tirelessly throughout the year to connect groups in need. Learn more about how nonprofits use FormAssembly in these case studies on Clore Social Leadership and Pets for Patriots.

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