New Connector: FormAssembly’s Elevate Integration


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[Updated 5-2-23] This year, Salesforce announced plans to halt sales of the Elevate Connector. FormAssembly’s connector continues to supports existing Elevate customers.

Need a solution for creating donation forms linked with Salesforce? FormAssembly’s new integration allows users to create customizable forms that integrate with’s fundraising platform, Elevate.

What is Elevate? Elevate is an offering from Salesforce that gives nonprofits and higher education institutions a streamlined, scalable way to engage supporters and manage fundraising. This holistic giving platform is available on Salesforce’s Nonprofit and Education Cloud offerings.

Elevate makes it easy to manage the entire giving process. Users are able to:

  • Easily jumpstart fundraising campaigns
  • Increase donations with customized giving options
  • Harness the power of mobile-optimized donation pages
  • Integrate data with Salesforce

Donations can cause headaches and frustration, but Elevate was created to reduce common pain points such as data silos, payment integration difficulties, and time-consuming campaign launches.

Why use FormAssembly with Elevate? 

FormAssembly’s Elevate Payment Connector offers an end-to-end solution for Salesforce users that are looking to strengthen and streamline their fundraising efforts. 

WIth the new connector, FormAssembly web forms can be used as a full-featured alternative to the built-in Elevate Giving Pages, allowing people to access all the great functionality of Elevate plus additional flexibility and customization.

How does the FormAssembly connector work? 

Launching a Elevate-connected form is simple with FormAssembly: 

  1. Create a form in FormAssembly’s drag-and-drop form builder.
  2. Set up Elevate integration with a few steps in FormAssembly and
  3. Gather one-time or recurring donations easily, leveraging all the benefits of Elevate.

How can I start using the Elevate Connector? 

Getting started is easy. You’ll need to have a Elevate account and be on a FormAssembly Premier or above plan to try out the connector.

Sign up today or get more information about the Elevate integration on our website.

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